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Editions of 2012 - 2019

The first edition of Portugal Print took place in April 2012 at Pavilhão 6 of Exponor. The event had the participation of 65 national and international exhibitors and was visited by 5211 professional visitors. It was a huge success. From that moment on, all of the event's editions have reported a two-digit growth, both in sheer number of exhibitors and available space as well as in the number of national and international visitors. In 2018, Portugal Print took the name of Portugal Print Packaging & Labelling and shall be headquartered in the International Fair of Lisbon, in Lisbon.

Once again, all goals have been met and exceeded, to the satisfaction of all people involved. Due to the excellent results obtained, the Portugal Print Packaging & Labeling event took place again, and in the same place, in March 2019 and has its next edition scheduled for February 2022.  


In the 2012 and 2013 editions, we reached the mark of 11,424 national and international visitors, all of them professionals.

In 2015, we grew and surpassed the eight thousand barrier, with 8,315 visitors. 2017 was the year of the consecration of Portugal Print: we surpassed 10 000 professional visitors from all over the country, Spain, the rest of Europe and the PALOP countries.

In 2018 and 2019, success continued with the quality and number of visitors providing excellent business to all participants in the event.

In 2022, Profair, the organizer of Portugal Print Packaging & Labeling, aims to reach 12,000 professional visitors.



This event will offer an exhibition area bigger than that of 2019, a superior number of national and international exhibitors (about 30% of foreign exhibitors coming from 12 different countries). It will also have the participation of companies and governmental bodies involved in the packaging and labelling industry.

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